Wilson County Students Get High Marks on State Report Card

Tennessee Department of Education released its annual Report Card designed to track the performance of school districts across the state. The report, which is now available online at Tennessee State Department of Education State Report Card showcases data that was captured during the 2017-18 school year.

The report card groups information into six main categories or indicators. Each one looks at a different aspect of student success. The six categories on the new report card for 2017-18 are:

  • Academic achievement (whether students are performing on or above grade level)
  • Student academic growth (whether students are making progress from year to year, regardless of whether they are on grade level yet)
  • Chronically out of school (students who miss at least 10% of school – or about 18 days of school if they were enrolled the full year)
  • Progress on English language proficiency (whether English learner students are making progress in their understanding of the English language)
  • Ready graduate (the percentage of students who graduate and receive at least 21 on ACT, or equivalent on the SAT, demonstrating readiness for college and careers)
  • Graduation rate (percentage of students graduating from high school)

When possible, ratings are based either on how well the school is doing on that metric OR how much the school improved in the past year. The school gets the higher rating between the two. Every school can earn a higher score on each indicator, either by showing excellent performance or by showing exceptional improvement

The rating system reflects the believe that every student’s success matters. Within each indicator, the performance of the full student population is weighted at 60% of the rating, and the other 40% is comprised of students who fall within a specialized group.

How Schools Were Rated in Wilson County

Academic Achievement
74% of all students in Wilson County scored higher than a 2

Student growth
60% of all students in Wilson Co. scored higher than a 2

Chronically out of school
89% of all schools in Wilson Co. scored higher than a 2

English language proficiency
58% of schools earned higher than a 2

Ready graduate
100% of schools earned higher than a 2

Graduation rate
100% of schools earned higher than a 2

The information and ratings on the report card are intended to be a catalyst for conversation, not a defining characteristic. Ultimately, a quality education is more than a score, and these ratings provide one perspective on how a school is performing.

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