School district releases latest capacity numbers

In light of some inaccurate information that’s recently begun circulating, Wilson County Schools has compiled an updated capacity report that specifically identifies which schools in the district have room for growth, versus which schools do not, particularly at the high school level.

The information is broken down into three categories (Elementary, Middle, and High School) using enrollment numbers for the 2017-2018 calendar year. On average, the student population in Wilson County is growing at a rate of 300-500 students annually.


Overall, the school district has enough space to accommodate roughly 2,700 additional students, however it’s important to note that a vast majority of that space (95%) exists in our elementary schools.

The district’s middle school population is currently over-capacity by approximately 136 students. This situation is expected to be remedied next school year, with the opening of Gladeville Middle School.

While there’s a modest amount of room available at the high school level, almost all of it exists at Watertown High School, which is not conveniently located to students in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon.

Should you have any additional questions about student enrollment at a particular school, please reach out, via “Let’s Talk”.

Capacity Sheets

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

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