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LHS Holds Community Meeting to Discuss “Cyber-bullying and Harassment”

Tuesday, October 17, Lebanon High School will host a Community Meeting, at 6:00, to conduct a frank conversation about bullying, cyber-bulling, and harassment.

While school bullying isn’t a new phenomenon, the widespread use of social media among teens has led to what’s become a painful nationwide epidemic. Unfortunately, no school is immune. The goal of tomorrow night’s meeting is to educate parents about the steps they can take to ensure that their child doesn’t become the next victim. In some cases, this may involve reporting the incident to a school counselor or principal. In others, more drastic steps, including legal action, may be required.

Director of Schools, Dr. Donna Wright, is calling on help from community leaders, law enforcement, and the court system to help put a stop to this kind of behavior, “Parents have more rights than ever before to take serious action, when their children are victimized by a bully. Some of the laws are so new, people may not even be aware of them. That’s why I’ve asked Wilson County Sheriff, Robert Bryan, and Juvenile Court Judge, Barry Tatum, to be a part of tonight’s event. Obviously, our schools play an important role in making sure students can attend class without fear of harassment, but in some cases, we’re talking more than a mere school policy violation. It’s a crime!”

Mental health professionals, school resource officers, counselors, and others will be on hand to help guide the discussion. We encourage all parents to attend this important meeting, regardless of which school your child attends.

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